A History of the Tobacco-Free QC

In a visionary effort to unite many local resources to improve the health of the Quad City community, the Tobacco-Free QC Coalition (TFQC) was formed. At our initial meeting in September of 1998, there were five Quad City health care organizations that came together. These five organizations have now been joined by numerous other health care organizations. These health care organizations along with representatives from local law enforcement, schools, and other various groups make up the membership of this bi-state coalition.

Tobacco use has various effects on the citizens in the Quad City community. Each of the agencies involved with the TFQC were seeing these effects on a daily basis. These effects include lost of productivity, rising health care costs, decreased quality of life and lives lost prematurely. Rather than each of these agencies working independently to manage one or more of these health issues for a specific group of community members based on a geographic, economic or diagnostic basis, TFQC members recognized the synergism created by working together. Seeing the Quad Cities as a single community rather than a jigsaw puzzle of individual cities, neighborhoods, or demographic clusters, TFQC is able to work together to focus on changing health behavior.

TFQC brings about change by focusing its efforts in a variety of areas that relate to tobacco and tobacco use. These areas include:

  • Preventing the initiation of tobacco use
  • Promoting cessation
  • Reducing the availability of tobacco
  • Influencing legislation
  • Reducing secondhand smoke exposure

In addressing these areas of tobacco and tobacco use, the TFQC works with its members and community partners on a variety of activities and campaigns. Click on the links below to learn more about the current efforts of the TFQC :

Click here to learn about the TFQC’s Committees and Workgroups¬†and how to take part in the efforts of the Tobacco-Free QC Coalition.