Cost & Cosmetics

Did you know that if you smoked a pack a day of the least expensive cigarette on the market you would spend this much?:

1 Day $6.00 You could buy 6 candy bars
1 Week $42.00 You could buy a Playstation game or tank of gas
1 Month $180.00 You could buy a digital camera or new cell phone
1 Year $2,160.00 You could pay for a vacation
10 Years $21,600.00 You could buy a brand new car
60 Years $129,600.00 You could buy a 3-bedroom house

CashToll on Finances: 

Even when choosing the least expensive way out, smoking takes a toll on finances. Many popular brands of cigarettes cost twice as much as what is quoted. You can also take into account those who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes a day. The consequences of smoking creates other costs too. For example:

Doctors visits vary in price
Lost wages from work vary in price
Teeth whitening $200-$300
Dentures Upper
Root Canal (bicuspid) $505
Chest X-ray, Chest CAT Scan,
Chemotherapy $2,000-3,000/treatment
Radiation Treatment $11,000-$12,000 for 6 weeks
Funeral $8,000-$10,000