Glossary of Terms

100s: Cigarettes which are 100mm in length.

120s: Cigarettes which are 120mm in length.

Addiction: A chronic, relapsing disease characterized by compulsive drug-seeking and use and by neurochemical and molecular changes in the brain.

Adrenal glands: Glands located above each kidney that secretes hormones, e.g., adrenaline.

Box: Cigarettes placed in a cardboard box, often with a flip top.

Carton: Package containing 10 packs of cigarettes.

Cigar: A cure cylindrical roll of tobacco leaves for smoking.

Cigarette: A narrow, short roll of finely cut, cured tobacco for smoking usually wrapped in thin white paper.

Cigarillo: A small, thin cigar.

Craving: A powerful, often uncontrollable desire for drugs.

Dopamine: A neurotransmitter present in regions of the brain that regulate movement, emotion, motivation, and the feeling of pleasure.

Double Pump: Taking two full drags in a row without exhaling.

Dragging: Placing a cigarette between (and sealing) your lips and causing smoke to be drawn from the filter into the mouth.

Exhaling: Breathing inhaled smoke out of the lungs.

Emphysema: A lung disease in which tissue deterioration results in increased air retention and reduced exchange of gases. The result is difficult breathing and shortness of breath. It is often caused by smoking.

Filter: A fibrous material bound to the cigarette to filter out excess amount of tar in cigarette smoke.

French Inhale: Inhaling smoke that is in the mouth through the nose (and over the lips).

Full Flavor: Cigarettes with the maximum tobacco taste.

Inhaling: Breathing smoke that has been drawn into the mouth and into the lungs.

Kings: Cigarettes which are 70mm in length.

Lights: Cigarettes with a lighter tobacco taste than full flavors.

Nicotine: The addictive substance found in tobacco.

Non-Filter: A cigarette which does not have a filter.

Pack: A twenty cigarette package.

Slim: A cigarette which is narrower than a regular cigarette.

Soft Pack: Cigarettes placed in a thick paper enclosure.

Tobacco: A plant widely cultivated for its leaves, which are used primarily for smoking; the tabacum species is the major source of tobacco products.

Tar: A thick by product of tobacco smoke.

Ultra Lights: Cigarettes with a minimized tobacco taste.

Withdrawal: A variety of symptoms that occur after use of an addictive drug is reduced or stopped.